Put a band in my ask and I’ll tell you… 


1. The first song of theirs I heard.

2. My favorite song of theirs.

3. My favorite album of theirs.

4. My favorite lyric.

5. Have I seen them live?

6. Have I met them?

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Ask me guys :) xx

mismatched-socks-with-polka-dot: What is your favorite ship, favorite color and what is the object to your left??? <3 xx

raura , purple, my phone :) xx


that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

Anonymous: Do you ship Rydellington?! :)

Yes! I mean, I also think Kellington is cute but idk I just really like Rydellington

lambo1223: Do you ship Rockliff?

As a bromance, yeah hahaha

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And there goes another year | 2014 Birthday Greetings!
April 14: Happy 21st Birthday, Ellington Lee Ratliff! ♥